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our éco-journey

2021 - what we achieved

we challenged every step in our business, to increase the use of second life materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill. we made our sensual lingerie collection with 80% recycled fibres, 100% éco fabrics to preserve planet resources.

we continue in 2022 to further our journey into circularity & decarbonation, our people project to full B Corporation certification.

scandale éco-lingerie, with planet & people in mind.


we preserved 48,446kg of carbon, equivalent to more than 2 million hours of a light bulb

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we saved more than 500,000kg of fresh water, which is more than 2 million glasses of water


we are upcycling 578kg of fabric waste, partnering with ANew Studios to give them second life

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About us image


our éco-lingerie is made with 80% recycled fibres, certified & traceable recycled fabrics, or organically grown cotton


we now know 100% of our suppliers & suppliers, joined the transparency pledge with their information available on OAR (open apparel registry)

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our sustainability score, certified by independent climate partner

8.1 of 10



7.8 of 10



7.0 of 10



9.1 of 10



our other achievements
- we are a now member of BSR, a global organization of sustainable businesses to build a just & sustainable world
- we invest in wind power project to achieve net zero carbon in our operations & whole product life
- we are committed to be a part to re-define success in business, on our way to full certification...and many more...

our 2022 targets

we strive to give more credits to our products, aiming >50% of our product to be OEKO-TEX® certified  

we will organise our first women empowerment program, HERproject™, to raise awareness and knowledge on critical health & well-being topics.

we will evaluate the circularity of our current supply chain by increasing our locally sourced materials to recycle and create a tighter regional recycling network.

we will accelerate our journey to become a certified B Corporation by 2022