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7.8 high zertifiziert durch BCOME

Planet resources preserved so far


CO2 eq


hours LED




glasses of water





Our éco-yarn

Our éco-yarn

Recycled nylon

From yarn wastes - PRC, Taiwan & Thailand

  • -53.6% CO2eq
  • -25% PO4eq
  • vs conventional materials

Recycled polyester

From PET bottles - Thailand

  • -25.8% CO2eq
  • -31.5% water
  • vs conventional materials

Recycled spandex

From yarn wastes - PRC

  • -66.8% CO2eq
  • vs conventional materials

Organic cotton

Grown organically - East PRC

  • -13.6% CO2eq
  • -87.9% water
  • -47% PO4eq
  • vs conventional materials

The most sustainable colour

We began our design with 'undyed' fabrics. Amazed by the result, we decided to make it part of our permanent collection.

Shop undyed
  • up to -55% CO2eq
  • up to -18% water
  • up to -34% PO4eq

vs conventional materials & colours

Sustainable at our core

A permanent collection

105 styles based only on 14 signature shapes to maximize resources efficiency. We defy fast fashion rhythm & impact

Responsible & undyed packaging

From plant-based home compostable product bags to recycled & recyclable paper mailer. We avoid using mono-use plastic in our packaging

Low-impact logistics

Working with sustainable logistic partners, with our main warehouse powered by renewable energy

Certifications driven

Creating the collection with certified éco-fabrics, including Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Sea not air

Wann immer möglich, nutzen wir emissionsarme Seefracht für alle Stoffe und fertigen Kleidungsstücke.

Asia proximity sourcing

Our concentrated network of suppliers allows us to go direct to the source & minimise éco-impact from transportation

Mix & play

Multiplikation der Anlässe

Entworfen, um unendliche Möglichkeiten von mehr als 2000 Kombinationen zu bieten, um immer wieder aufs Neue für Aufregung zu sorgen - um weniger zu kaufen, mehr zu gewinnen und weniger Abfall zu produzieren.

I am auf meiner gesamten Wertschöpfungskette kohlenstoffneutral

heute ...


How come?

1st - We use life-cycle assessment in our every process to minimise our carbon emissions

2nd - We 'offset' our carbon emission upstream & downstream through certified climate projects to achieve full carbon compensation on our entire value chain

Wir wollen den Anstieg der globalen Durchschnittstemperatur entsprechend dem Pariser Klimaabkommen, COP21, das von der UNO validiert wurde, eindämmen.

We offset all our CO2

VCS, CER zertifiziert

Unser Projekt ist saubere Windenergie in Guyuan, VR China

Offsetting all our emission from our entire value chain, estimated 1.14kg CO2eq per product.
It creates renewable energy, increases responsible development & contributes to 6 UN sustainable development goals.

VCS, CER zertifiziert

On our way to net zero


SBTi genehmigt.

We are adapting science-based target - a clear, scientific, data-driven pathway for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a better future

2025 climate positive

Climate positive in our entire value chain by 2025

We are working with our partners to further reduce our GHG emissions & reach a positive impact to our environment. We are working on a precise roadmap & will share our progress in our sustainability updates

Sustainability starts from you

Measure before you buy

We recommend you to use our bra size calculator to find your right size & guarantee the best fit. It would avoid unnecessary returns & its planet impacts.

Wash sustainably

We recommend hand wash. When machine wash, please use a short washing cycle at 30 degree

Avoid the dryer as it consumes high energy & not the best friend of your lingerie

Always wash with planet-friendly biological soap flakes like 'Fer à Cheval' soap from Marseille, made with plant-based oils no preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat

Stop microfibres

Many microfibres can be released from a single load of laundry, polluting water bodies & entering the food chain. We recommend to always use a GUPPYFRIEND washing bag to stop microfibers pollution. Available for 29.75€ at check-out.

Still so much to do…

<0.5kg CO2eq upstream by 2024

Our goal is to reduce our CO2eq per unit by -40% (cradle to gate) & work together to reduce product use carbon footprint

25% renewable energy by 2024

Work with our manufacturing partners to favour significantly higher adoption rate of renewable energy

Alternative dyes

Chemical dyes are a big challenge for us - we don't like them but they bring colour vibrancy & longevity to products. We continue investigating for more sustainable alternatives