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7.8 haut Certifié par BCOME

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Our éco-yarn

Our éco-yarn

Recycled nylon

From yarn wastes - PRC, Taiwan & Thailand

  • -53.6% CO2eq
  • -25% PO4eq
  • vs conventional materials

Recycled polyester

From PET bottles - Thailand

  • -25.8% CO2eq
  • -31.5% water
  • vs conventional materials

Recycled spandex

From yarn wastes - PRC

  • -66.8% CO2eq
  • vs conventional materials

Organic cotton

Grown organically - East PRC

  • -13.6% CO2eq
  • -87.9% water
  • -47% PO4eq
  • vs conventional materials

The most sustainable colour

We began our design with 'undyed' fabrics. Amazed by the result, we decided to make it part of our permanent collection.

Shop undyed
  • up to -55% CO2 éq
  • up to -18% eau
  • up to -34% PO4 éq

par rapport aux matériaux et couleurs conventionnels

Sustainable at our core

A permanent collection

105 styles based only on 14 signature shapes to maximize resources efficiency. We defy fast fashion rhythm & impact

Responsible & undyed packaging

From plant-based home compostable product bags to recycled & recyclable paper mailer. We avoid using mono-use plastic in our packaging

Low-impact logistics

Working with sustainable logistic partners, with our main warehouse powered by renewable energy

Certifications driven

Creating the collection with certified éco-fabrics, including Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Sea not air

Nous utilisons, dans la mesure du possible, un transport maritime à faible taux d'émission pour tous les matériaux et les vêtements finis.

Asia proximity sourcing

Our concentrated network of suppliers allows us to go direct to the source & minimise éco-impact from transportation

Mix & play

Permuter sans modération

Conçu pour offrir des possibilités infinies de plus de 2000 combinaisons pour un plaisir continu - acheter moins, faire durer et réduire les déchets.

I am "Carbone Compensé" sur toute ma chaîne de valeur



Comment cela se fait-il ?

1st - We use life-cycle assessment in our every process to minimise our carbon emissions

2nd - We 'offset' our carbon emission upstream & downstream through certified climate projects to achieve full carbon compensation on our entire value chain

Notre objectif est de limiter l'augmentation de la température moyenne de la planète conformément à l'accord de Paris, la COP21 validée par l'ONU.

Nous compensons toutes nos émissions de CO2

VCS, certifié CER

Notre projet est une énergie éolienne propre à Guyuan, en RPC.

Offsetting all our emission from our entire value chain, estimated 1.14kg CO2eq per product.
It creates renewable energy, increases responsible development & contributes to 6 UN sustainable development goals.

VCS, certifié CER

On our way to net zero


SBTi approuvé

We are adapting science-based target - a clear, scientific, data-driven pathway for companies to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for a better future

2025 climate positive

Climate positive in our entire value chain by 2025

We are working with our partners to further reduce our GHG emissions & reach a positive impact to our environment. We are working on a precise roadmap & will share our progress in our sustainability updates

Sustainability starts from you

Measure before you buy

We recommend you to use our calculateur de taille de soutien-gorge to find your right size & guarantee the best fit. It would avoid unnecessary returns & its planet impacts.

Wash sustainably

We recommend hand wash. When machine wash, please use a short washing cycle at 30 degree

Avoid the dryer as it consumes high energy & not the best friend of your lingerie

Always wash with planet-friendly biological soap flakes like 'Fer à Cheval' soap from Marseille, made with plant-based oils no preservatives, dyes, additives or animal fat

Stop microfibres

Many microfibres can be released from a single load of laundry, polluting water bodies & entering the food chain. We recommend to always use a sac de lavage GUPPYFRIEND to stop microfibers pollution. Available for 29.75€ at check-out.

Still so much to do…

<0.5kg CO2eq upstream by 2024

Our goal is to reduce our CO2eq per unit by -40% (cradle to gate) & work together to reduce product use carbon footprint

25% renewable energy by 2024

Work with our manufacturing partners to favour significantly higher adoption rate of renewable energy

Alternative dyes

Chemical dyes are a big challenge for us - we don't like them but they bring colour vibrancy & longevity to products. We continue investigating for more sustainable alternatives