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Marque iconique des années 60, scandale reinvents itself with a new name scandale eco-lingerie, for a more conscious, more inclusive, more affordable lingerie made of 80% recycled fibres. 

This revival is based on a sincere approach to combine sensuality, ethics & respect of our planet.  

De 1932 à 1975, scandale has included the intelligence of elasticity inside the fibre, becoming a pioneer in liberating women from constraining corsetiere, offering a lightweight, chic, long-lasting lingerie. 

En 2020, je me ré-invente including the intelligence of éco-responsibility inside the fibre, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, preserving our planet’s resources, promoting circularity, reducing & reusing my wastes.

In the carbon equation of conventional lingerie, the major impact comes down to the materials used which are for the greatest part virgin and not recycled.

Je m’engage à plus d’éco-responsabilité, me concentrant sur
• existing components to collect and upcycle into new materials that give them a new life, like recycled fibres, elastics, packaging, furniture in my shops
• my supply chain’s various steps - reducing my carbon footprint and usage of virgin planet resources of my whole supply chain
• the health, gender equality & diversity embracement for women working for scandale éco-lingerie (tiers 1&2).

Pour contrôler au mieux my supply chain providing transparency & traceability, my development office is based in Asia. I am then as close as possible to the global suppliers of yarns, fabrics & closer to my manufacturers, creating a genuine proximity sourcing. 

This choice allows me to :
• offer a permanent collection manufactured in only 2 selected factories, regularly audited
• create a lingerie made with 80% recycled fabrics, wrapped in an eco-responsible packaging
• reduce my CO2 emission & water use in the manufacturing process
• retrieve kilos of fabrics waste from my cutting tables to give them a second life (upcycling in progress)
• offer an affordable pricing for my lingerie
• support my communities & women who work in my suppliers factories through the program “BSR Her project”
• sign the « transparency pledge » agreement as my genuine commitment to transparency
• work together with my sustainable supply chain provider in Europe
• build my Galeries Lafayette corners with 85% recycled materials

I am aware that my sustainable journey has started but not yet arrived to its destination. I have so much more to work on, such as defining solutions to resolve my challenges:
• reduce distances in my supply chain
• find more sustainable dyes
• increase the renewable energy usage in my supply chain
• increase the ratio of organic textiles & the ratio of textiles/ fibres that had a previous life
• close the loop by recycling my end-of-life products.

I commit to inform you about my progress towards my sustainability journey & every new challenge I would meet.